Saturday, September 7, 2013

25 Best Apps for Small Businesses

Hey everyone, here is a great read that I just came across while looking up some of the best apps for Small Businesses. I'm planning on featuring 5 of these Apps in some up coming posts so make sure to stay tuned to learn what my perspective is, and hey if its popular enough, I'll write a post featuring the top 25 Apps in my eyes for successful small businesses. Remember to follow, subscribe, comment, and share. Let me know what Five you want to know more about.

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  1. Hello, a few of us from chunky's cinema are discussing this topic right now. We have a split opinion about which apps we would like to learn more about. One thing that we can agree about is this interest this blog has brought to all of us. A few of us graduated from college as business majors so things brings great excitement. Thank you to Katie for showing this to us. The five apps we hope you will consider writing about are:
    1. Square, (we have heard interesting, successful stories about it)
    2. AddAppt
    3. Dropbox
    4. Paypal
    5. Expensify
    ** Thank you for your time and good luck with everything !

  2. I am also from Pelham and I would have to agree with the comment above about the interest this brought me. You are a very professional business man who I believe will go far. The tops apps I would like to hear about are a bit different. I Would love to hear more about 1. Skype (I hear younger generations talk about it but I have never used it personally) 2. Expensify (never heard of it but it interested me greatly!) 3. paypal 4. pramata (love the risk factor part of this app, 5. neverlate (this is important for every business to have!) Good luck with your blog and in your class. In my eyes this is A++ work !

  3. We would really love to see a post about square for our t shirts/ apparel that we sell ! Thank you also agree with fellow employees, A++ work! Keep it up