Monday, October 14, 2013

The "Square" Deal

Square might just be the most helpful, best designed, smartest app that a small business can use. So for those of you who have no idea what Square is (try to get out more) I'll give you the run down. Square is a credit card processing company designed for small businesses, but can be used no matter what the application.

With cash becoming yesterdays method of payment, small businesses and local mom and pop shops are looking for an easy way to start handling credit and debit transactions, without loosing their profit on processing fees and sign up costs. This is where square excels. Square offers two options for businesses, one meant for small businesses and one for large. For small businesses, they offer a 0% fee per swipe and $275 per month which allows for transactions up to $400 and up to $250,000 a year, if they go over either of these limits, it is then 2.75% per swipe. For larger companies they offer no monthly charges and 2.75% fee per swipe which has no max purchase. When you sign up for an account, you receive card readers, which plug into Iphones, Ipads, Androids, and Blackberries. the great part about this app is that you can spread your account on different devices, and in different locations, making it the perfect solution for all sorts of types of businesses.

I have used square in two different settings, one just selling apparel, and one in a rental shop with merchandise as well, and I must say, it is simple. The user interface is easy to handle and very streamline, it allows you to store favorite items, and set different categories, along with a manual enter option. There are even settings for tax and tips to accommodate service related businesses like your hairdresser. On square, you have the option to email receipt or have it sent to their phone by text. If you upgrade to the square register (cash register, iPad, and receipt printer) you can print your receipts, there is even a barcode attachment that you can get.

In my eyes, Square has yet to emerge himself in the large scale corporation game, like Walmart, or best buy, but for small businesses or small chains, it is in my eyes one of the easiest to use, best credit card processing service there is. Its various plat-forms allow for salesman to make sales without a trip back to the office, or for the customer to not have to find an ATM and pay a 4$ fee when they are at the beach. All in all, I think Square is a must have for small businesses of all types, and is well worth the investment.

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