Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is "Flint" already up in flames?

Flint is a new company targeting small businesses. Their principles are the same as square. A mobile credit/debit card processing company that has low fees and is easy to set up. But buyer be warned. They claim to have a 1.95% fee. Which is lower than squares 2.75%.. but only for debit, credit fees are up to 2.95%. Plus, all transactions have a 10 cent fee. Which may not seam like much, but for any purchase under 30$ makes their fee up near 3%. Overall. Their rates are not all that good. Not to mention the costs. But they advertise as no card reader... but that to me is more of a pain. They require you to scan the card using your phones camera. Which not only throws in the question of security, but the actual process just seams clumsy. With Flint, they email receipts just like square, but Flint keeps your history, knows what you bought, and can email you ads...seams a bit intrusive to me. Overall, id describe Flint as a great attempt that was started 5 Years ago, but overall, they simply got beat. They don't have any standout features, and they didn't make it on the scene first meaning they really have no edge. In my opinion, id suggest either Square or even intuit. Don't fall for Flint's ads, do your homework, and decide which will be the best for you.

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