Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Technology Helps Business

Technology rules all, whether its politics, science, math, exploration, business, you name it, I bet it cant be done without technology. Yes I know what your thinking, "another blog about technology? come on, people get paid millions to write these". And you are exactly right, they do, and they are great, but what they lack is the view point of a teenager, who appreciates what technology is, and even more, what small business is. Throughout this blog you will see plenty of references to these big blogs because quite frankly, they are great and packed with information and resources that I don't have access to at this time, but it wont be some copy and paste job. It will serve as information, that I use in order to give you a younger view of what is to come, and why these small businesses, might just be the new big thing.

So lets start off, today were going to look at how technology helps get a small business off the ground. Lets rewind right off the bat, to lets say, mid 1970's. AH-HA Joe has just come up with the greatest ideas ever, a portable and private radio that someone could listen too while out for a jog (its too hard not to use technology as an example too). What does he do though? He has no way of finding out if this idea is original or not, if people would use it, how much they would pay, how to go about making it, or how to start selling them. All because the internet is not around, and Joe is lazy and thinks, huh, probably cant be done anyway so he doesn't go after it. Fast forward to today. With a new idea, an entrepreneur has every resource at his or her fingertips on the world wide web. They can file for a patent with the government, get in touch with designers in china, video call an investor in LA, email and share documents with a marketer in NYC, all from their house in Plymouth New Hampshire. Once this has happened, He can use social media like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to spread the word of this fantastic new Idea. Use multitudes of new credit card processing company's like Intuit business, and Square, to sell his product in stores, online, and now, even on the street, while still beating the others rates. All of a sudden, the calls are coming to him, and using video conference programs like Skype, Oovoo, and Fuzebox, he can have a virtual meeting with the Investors that are looking to hop on board. In order to stay connected, LinkedIn offers a new type of social media networking based strictly on business, no party pictures, or love gossip, just experience and money. No need to ask for references anymore, look at someones LinkedIn profile, find past jobs, and you now have access to hundreds of ex co-workers from boss's to their interns. With blogs, WordPress, and WIX, people can create a professional website to share their product in under a day, without breaking the bank. And once the company is big enough, it heads right back to those social media sites with one thing on its mind, more money through marketing and advertisements.

So chances are you didn't learn anything new in this brief blog post, but I hope I grabbed your attention enough that you will subscribe, comment, share, or check back in the next couple of days when I look more in depth into some of these tools that are crucial technology in the formation and growth of small businesses. What will the first post be? Facebook? Skype? Square? Stay tuned.


  1. Great information and your right, haven't seen a blog written from a students view on small business and technology. What's your view on how small businesses affect the advances in technology? Kinda cool spin.

  2. Sidebar is great. Tweets and popular posts add lot ! Great info

  3. Strongest start for one of my students I've ever seen. Very much looking forward to following along.