Sunday, September 15, 2013

Be part off a Team

I know what everyone in going to say, "Teamviewer wasn't even on that list, and definitely not one of the apps we requested more information about" so first off I will start by saying sorry guys. But after starting my sophomore year, I realized how great of a program this is. Now let me warn you, there are some skeptics out there and nasty posts abut how some people may be able to hack your computer and watch everything your doing. First off, welcome to the 21st century, this isn't new and second off, unless your writing top secret nuclear launch codes, or working on a high tech new app, does it really matter? I don't think any hacker cares who your talking too, or what your latest report is about.

Now that all of that is behind us, lets dive into whAt the program is, and how it can help you. Teamviewer takes it a step beyond Dropbox when it comes to remote storage/access. With Teamviewer, you don't just upload your files and gain remote access, you literally have your home computer at the palm of your hands, on your laptop, smartphone, or work computer, across town, or halfway across the world. I know this blog is about how technology helps small business, and I'll get there, but first I am going to fill you in on how this program can help you, even if your not the next Shark Tank success story.

For students: Your heading to class and you remember you forgot to print your paper, no big deal, your right at the library, you head in and go to print and then you realize you never saved it online if you use Team viewer it's not an issue at all. Log in and have access to your entire computer. Now I know what your thinking, that's a lot of what ifs. And to answer that, in my opinion, the best use. Your in a computer based class but don't like using PCs or Macs, not an issue, use Teamviewer and all of a sudden that PC at school is now your smooth MacBook Pro. Making your life, and the student next to you, a whole lot easier.

For large businesses and schools: with Teamviewer, cross country presentations are simple, log in and everyone can view your computer, just make sure to select the broadcast option, not control. And for teachers, you can now get the attention of all your students, but what makes this program different? The ability to have control over any computer. Is an employee having trouble with entering data in LA? From NY you an control their computer and walk them through how to do certain tasks, instead of just verbal commands, they can see it being done, live, on their computer. Having an IT issue? Now your professionals can control a computer from across the country or school, and reconnect to that pesky printer, or locate those sneaky hidden files.

For small businesses: let's face it, we all love word, excel and PowerPoint, and quite frankly, quick notes on our phones doesn't quite make the cut. Sure you can use docs if your a big google fan ( like myself) but other need word to be able to function. Now with Teamviewer, you have every program and file that your home computer has, but on the go. No mobile condensed version, full function because it doesn't have to fit on your 16 gig iPhone, along with your 8000 songs and 2 thousand pictures. It's your computer, your basically just using your phones touch pad as a mouse and keyboard. So besides having a desktop at the palm of your hands, you can now stream your computer to your business partner and work on the same logo in photoshop together, no more emailing back and forth. And sense you can have multiple people using the computer. It limits the amount of devices you need to buy programs for. All in all, Teamviewer has nailed ever aspect of remote computing.


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